Customized Services

Customized Services

Not everyone who comes to us are starting from a fresh set of untouched nails; so some prepping is required, and we can help with that through one of our customized services. We can soak off your old acrylic, gel, etc. in preparation for a new treatment. We can change your polish or gel coating, change the shape of your nails, or lengthen or shorten your nails. Just let us know what you need.

Customized Services Options

  • Air Brushing: Nails that are colored using the technique of an air brushing tool.
  • Soak Off: We remove your nails the safe and correct way to prepare for a fresh new set.
  • Polish Change: We safely remove your old polish and replace it with the fresh new polish of your choice.
  • Gel Polish Change: We safely remove your old gel polish and replace it with the fresh new gel polish of your choice.
  • Specialty Shapes: Your Beauty Professional will shape your nails in a variety of styles.  You may choose styles like almond, coffin, stilettos, round, and squoval.
  • Custom Lengths: In addition to making sure that you have the style that you desire, we want to make sure that the length is perfect for you as well.  Whether you desire to have your nails cut down or if you want short, medium length, long or extra-long nails, your wish is our command.


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