Esthetician Services

Esthetician Services

Whether you need a brighter smile, a vagacial, or a consultation from one of our licensed Beauty Professionals to determine your specific needs, we’re here to help you through the process. Check out our Facials and Body Contouring services for the complete list of Esthetician Services. These extensive lists of services is designed to give you the best quality skin care leaving you feeling pampered and refreshed.

Esthetician Services Options

  • Facials: Have your skin treated with a facial customized specifically for you.  See our complete list of Facials.
  • Body Contouring Services: Enhance your body and your look without making the commitment of going under the knife. See our complete list of Body Contouring services.
  • VSteam: A blend of herbs that helps to clean the uterus, improve vaginal flora, increase circulation, improve scent, tighten skin, clear out excess mucus, nourish the reproductive organs and regulate your cycle.
  • Foot Detox: A detox foot bath that uses water charged with positive and negative ions that draw toxins in your body out through your feet. Having an Alkaline body is important to your health as diseases thrive in acidic environment. Our detox continues to work up to 48 hrs.
  • VSteam and Foot Detox
  • Teeth Whitening: Need a whiter and brighter smile, then book a teeth whitening session!
  • Consultation: Remember to check out our Facials and Body Contouring services for the complete list of Esthetician Services.  Then if you don’t know exactly what to schedule, let’s figure it out together; so book a consultation today!


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