Specialty Nails

Specialty Nails

Anybody can get their nails done in a basic style, but we make sure that you can walk out with one of a kind nails. Enjoy nails that glow in the dark or nails that change their color based on your mood. You can show off nails that look like marble or chrome. Need something a little more traditional like French tips or some more exotic like cat eye gels or foils, well we have your look and a style that you can call your own.

Specialty Nails Options

  • Glow in the Dark Polish: Our Glow in Dark Polishes naturally light up in the dark.
  • Marble Polish: Marble Polish nails are special effects, personalized nail art using a smudge liquid for a multi-color marble finish.
  • Mood Change Polish: Our Mood Change Polish will change color to symbolize your various moods.
  • Chrome Nails: Our Chrome Nails special effects produce a mirror effect resembling chrome.
  • French Tips: French Tips uses two colors consisting of a sheer nude or light pink color on the finger nails with a distinguishing thin white polish stripe at the tip.
  • Cateye Gel: Our Cateye Gel is a new trend of gel polish that produces a look resembling cats’ eyes.
  • Foils: Our Foil Nails uses various colors of aluminum foil to create a custom nail design.


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